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With your product strategy as our vantage point, we bring new products to life from concept to creation. Focusing on ergonomics, design, sustainability and inclusion, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your product looks, feels and works perfectly, resonates with your audience, and creates sustainable revenue for your business.

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Ideation & concepting

As a first and crucial step in the development of your product, we gather creative ideas in a dynamic brainstorming process. We visualize the most promising of these through moodboards, sketches, renders, Photoshop and/or AI tools. Through iterative refinement, we pave the way for distinctive products that help you stand out, attract the right audience and give you a competitive edge in the market.

3D modeling & styling

This is where your concepts truly come to life. Using CAD software, we further define them, exploring different stylings, colors, materials, finishes, … This process is not just about visualization, but acts as a strategic bridge between innovation and realization. It ensures your product and its design will resonate with your intended users, align with your brand identity and will be feasible to produce.


More often than not, product development isn’t a breezy A-to-Z process, but requires a lot of exploration and iteration. Prototyping is a tool we use during all of the above stages, to validate and improve your concepts, models and designs. It allows us to test assumptions, gather and incorporate user feedback, and enhance the functionality and design of your product, making sure it will fulfill - and surpass - your expectations.

Technical design

During the technical design stage, we listen to your requirements to select the most appropriate manufacturing techniques and translate your model into exact specifications and a precise blueprint. Our ultimate goal? Delivering a design that makes the manufacturing process as smooth, seamless and cost-efficient as possible.

Production sourcing

Don’t worry: we won’t leave you to your fate when it’s time to manufacture your product. We have an extensive network of production partners and are happy to help you find the perfect match, given your budget and requirements. Equals Three can support you throughout the industrialisation process and will join you at the table for any technical conversations or production follow-up, to make sure your product will be a game changer for your company.

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Every project is different. By combining your business knowledge with our skills and methodology, we can make it truly special.

Nano Clics

Strategy / Branding / Products

Introducing Nano Clics: Bigger creativity in a smaller package! With this product extension, Clics is poised to continue growing its market share, inviting a whole new generation of builders to experience the imaginative world of Clics construction play. Equals Three proudly partnered with Clics throughout the entire innovation process, from concept exploration to designing components, crafting a world of different collections, and developing packaging layouts.


Strategy / Branding / Products / Touchpoints

Founded on the belief that they can do better for pets, parents, and the planet, Fantail combines the vision of experienced designers with extensive consumer research to create stylish, functional, and sustainable products. Equals Three has been a long-standing innovation and design partner of Fantail since 2021.

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Loop Earplugs

Strategy / Products

From nightlife and events to noise sensitivity, Loop Earplugs improve your experiences by reducing the noise but keeping the quality. On top of this, they pair functionality with design. No wonder the whole world seems to be in love with them! Equals Three developed and designed the Loop Link accessory. Read all about it here.


Strategy / Branding / Products / Touchpoints / Activation

Preparing a salad? Bringing lunch? Freezing leftovers? Admit it, storage boxes and sets are all too often lifesavers. Within the highly competitive food preservation market we have been supporting Amuse in their growth towards a lifestyle consumer brand.

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Cuf Watches

Strategy / Branding / Products / Touchpoints

Cuf creates exclusive, eye-catching timepieces. Every Cuf is an article of absolute craftsmanship and combines the beauty of a bracelet with the practicality of a watch. We had the privilege to bring alive this unique product collection and brand to the smallest detail. From classic to modestly expressive to totally extravagant. A perfect balance between boldness and elegance, that fits around the wrist.

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Strategy / Branding / Products / Touchpoints / Activation / Finance

Doomoo creates ultra soft and deliciously comfortable baby products that will make your life easier. This Belgian brand mixes innovative materials with body-suited shapes and the softest fabrics on the market to guarantee top-quality multi-functional equipment. Growing in comfort for both parents and children alike, that is Doomoo’s goal.

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The Equals Three approach to product development

Robrecht Van Velthoven Product manager at Loop Earplugs
Equals Three challenged our initial product idea, verified it through customer insights and showed the necessary engineering and design power to translate it into a manufacturable product. We are very excited to see this product go live.

Looking for a partner to bring your products to life? We’d love to hear about your challenges and discuss a feasible and effective approach.

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