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From nightlife and events to noise sensitivity, Loop Earplugs improve your experiences by reducing the noise but keeping the quality. On top of this, they pair functionality with design. No wonder the whole world seems to be in love with them! Equals Three developed and designed the Loop Link accessory. Read all about it here.

Style meets functionality

Keep your Loops close wherever life takes you with Loop Link. Magnetic. Functional. Stylish. This tug-resistant connector cord keeps your Loop earplugs safe and sound so you can run, dance and move around knowing your earplugs are always within reach.

Necklace function

The Loop Link doesn’t just prevent you dropping your earplugs during use. When they’re not in your ears, the magnets on both ends of the cord snap together, forming a necklace you won’t easily lose.

Future-proof design

Besides being highly functional as well as fashionable, the Loop Link offers countless possibilities to adapt and customize the design in the future. A perfect fit with the Loop Earplugs product line.

Robrecht Van Velthoven Product Manager at Loop Earplugs
"Equals Three helped us with the development of a new accessory. They challenged the initial product idea, verified it through customer insights and showed the necessary engineering and design power to translate it into a manufacturable product. We are very excited to see this product go to market."

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