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In an exquisite marriage, Maison Macolat brings together the South African Macadamia nut and the finest Belgian chocolate. We created a delicious brand strategy and visual identity that stands out in a crowded market.

Growth Loop

A clear packaging strategy

With its five innovative flavors, Maison Macolat is the perfect indulgence for all chocolate lovers. The packaging had to look tasty and iconic. We developed a packaging strategy, designed to showcase the iconic round shape of the Macolat and ensure product visibility. Five innovative flavors, in five contemporary colors.

If you want to discover, you have to explore

Pushing the limits of discovery, Maison Macolat offers a totally new experience in fine food. We were challenged to create a 360° approach which we translated into engaging online and offline content, from drink pairings to in-store tastings. The icing on the (chocolate) cake? The striking displays we created for their tradeshow booth, that played music composed specifically for each flavor.

Seasonals at the Maison

We boosted Maison Macolat’s seasonal sales by creating luxury packaging designs for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter. Each packaging tells the story of the Maison, the Macolatiers and the king of nuts: the Macadamia, tailored to the specific occassion.

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