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Encon helps companies grow in a sustainable way. Equals Three rebranded Encon and created a detailed set of content formats to communicate clearly on complex topics, with several nods to their rebellious side.

Always in motion

By envisioning change and initiating action, Encon is continually pushing companies to become more sustainable. To fit with their DNA, we created a dynamic brand that suggests continuous movement, as demonstrated by the logo.

A touch of rebellion

By sharing insights in unique and unexpected ways, Encon increases the impact of their actions. We show their rebellious side by contrasting their corporate look and feel with bold brush strokes, icons and illustrations.

Sustainability award

The Encon Sustainability Award for students is one of the best illustrations of the lengths Encon will go to make the world a more sustainable place. We were honoured to develop a striking physical trophy to go along with it.

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