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Innovation & design

Why should your business invest in innovation?

Innovation helps your business rise to various challenges. This makes it a powerful tool to achieve a competitive advantage and growth. If you don’t innovate, your business will not just lose its relevance and potential for growth, but also its appeal to current and future employees. This doesn’t mean that you need to keep making radical changes; innovation can also lie in smaller optimizations. Once your ideas are fully formed, design processes make them tangible.

What is the value of good design for your company?

Companies with an attractive brand and product offering score faster with their target audience. Businesses that extend their branding consistently across communication channels have an even bigger advantage. Still, design alone doesn’t guarantee long-term success; good design is more than just the visual aspect. Besides a good first impression, many other aspects such as relevance, user experience, and durability play a crucial role in how your customer perceives your offer. The design process contributes to better business results by addressing these aspects.

How long does an innovation or design trajectory take?

Although innovation and design are not exact sciences, a grounded methodology helps us to make design trajectories more efficient and produce results within a predetermined time frame. The duration of these trajectories always depends on the size and complexity of the challenge and the number of stakeholders involved. A good collaboration starts with good agreements about deadlines, budgets, expectations… As soon as these are clear to everyone, your design trajectory usually takes several weeks to several months. If different processes are combined (e.g. like in the Equals Three Growth Loop), the lead time usually extends to a year or more. During these long-term collaborations, we work step by step toward achieving project goals as well as launching new challenges that will contribute to your overall business success.

Mergers & acquisitions

Am I obligated to sell my company through a financial partner?

You have no obligation - legal or otherwise - to sell your company through a financial partner. However, we can unburden you in many different ways, so you can keep focusing on running your business. We bring the right candidates to the table, take care of the negotiations, optimize the acquisition structure… This way, we make sure you successfully sell your business according to your wishes.

Can I sell part of my business?

Yes. Selling your company does not necessarily mean that you have to step down completely. You can sell part of your business to safeguard your accumulated business capital, limit your risks as an entrepreneur and run your business more freely, or get the right partners aboard to secure future growth.

How long does it take to sell my business?

When we sell your business, we go through 2 phases together. During the preparation phase we get to know your business, assess your business plan, value your business, and compile your information memorandum. This takes roughly 6 to 8 weeks. During the execution phase we analyze your sector, connect to our network, make the deal, take care of due diligence, and assist in the required documentation. This usually takes between 6 to 9 months. Please note that the actual time it takes to sell your business will depend on many different factors.

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